More About LabelLink Features

The industry’s only on-the-job workflow solution for printing cable and ID labels using data generated as part of the testing phase


Instantly access cable identifiers to create and print labels on the spot.


Cable identifiers and test results for each project are centrally stored so they can be accessed and used multiple times.


Electrical construction and engineering contractors can now meet multiple project needs for cable ID by inputting data only once.


Dramatically improves jobsite workflow, speeds up cable label creation, and helps eliminate transcription and human error.

How it works

LabelLink pairs Fluke Networks’ LinkWare™ Live cloud technology with the PT-E550W industrial labeler, so you can print cable ID labels faster and more efficiently than ever before.

LabelLink Datasheet

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LabelLink Mobile App Combines Cloud Technology and Advanced Mobile Printing Capabilities to Elevate Contractor Workflows

In the office, the project manager uses CAD to plan the network infrastructure, then uploads cable ID and component identifiers to LinkWare Live.

The project manager can use LinkWare Live to define detailed test settings for the job.

Technicians download and install the LabelLink app to their mobile device.

On the jobsite, the contractor or technician uses their mobile device to download cable identifiers from the LinkWare Live cloud directly to the PT-E550W labeler.

Brother Award

2017 ‘Product of the Year’ Category Award from Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine (EC&M)
Gold Level Award

Gold Level Award by Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2016 Innovators Awards Program
  • What are Fluke Networks and Brother announcing?

    Fluke Networks and Brother are announcing an exciting new technology for cable installers to enhance jobsite productivity and quality using Versiv™ testers and the Brother PT-E550W industrial labeler. Specifically, it is an integrated cloud-based solution for managing the test and labeling processes, results, and assets. Brother’s LabelLink mobile app paired with LinkWare Live bridges the gap between the office where the project originates and the jobsite where the project data is needed with regard to testers and labeling tools.

  • How does it work?

    A project manager creates a project in LinkWare Live while in the office. Technicians can access LinkWare Live while on the jobsite and download project data directly into Fluke Networks Versiv testers. Test results are then uploaded into LinkWare Live and recorded into the project database. The Brother mobile app will access LinkWare Live, including project data uploaded from the tester, and download wirelessly through a tablet or smartphone to the Brother labeling tool model PT-E550W, which acts as a database. From the PT-E550W, project data is searched and inserted individually or in groups into labels designed for cables, patch panels, and faceplates.

  • Where do I get the app needed to make this work?

    Look for the Brother LabelLink App in the Apple store. Access LinkWare Live at

  • When will the Brother app be available?

    The Brother mobile app is available in the Apple store now.

  • What’s the cost?

    Both the app and LinkWare Live are free.

  • What platforms are supported by the Brother app?

    Currently, only Apple iOS. Support for Android is coming soon!

  • What Fluke Networks products does the Brother app work with?

    LinkWare Live and all Versiv models.

  • What Brother products does the Brother app work with?

    The new Brother LabelLink App and the industrial handheld labeling tool model PT-E550W.

  • What kinds of labels can I print?

    Polyester laminated labels for cables, patch panels, and faceplates.

  • Can LinkWare Live help me automate creating the list of identifiers?

    Yes, both Versiv and LinkWare Live allow you to automate the creation of groups of identifiers by entering the first and last ID of the group. LinkWare Live will then fill in the intervening values.

Meet the P-Touch EDGE PT-E550W

LabelLink was designed to work exclusively with the EDGE PT-E550W industrial labeler.

Ideal for complex IT network projects, the PT-E550W can wirelessly print wider labels (up to 24mm wide) ‒ including heat shrink tube anytime, anywhere, on any device.

PT-E550W Brochure

About the Collaboration

LabelLink is the result of a collaboration between Fluke Networks and Brother Mobile Solutions to marry industry-leading testing and label printing technology to create the new standard in datacom testing and labeling.

“LinkWare Live bridges the gap between the project manager’s office where the data for testing cables and printing labels originates and the jobsite where Fluke testers and Brother labeling tools are used by the installation crew. For network designers, integrators and contractors, the LabelLink app automates multiple workflow processes and will help eliminate a major pain point in jobsite productivity. More importantly, it ensures labeling accuracy across the entire project.”

– Eric Conley, VP and General Manager, Fluke Networks

“This solution was created by two great brands combining their technologies to make network wire, cable and component testing, and labeling faster and easier than ever before. It’s a real game-changer, especially for contractors engaged in standards-based labeling of large and complex datacom installations. Our Brother Mobile team is thrilled and excited to partner with Fluke Networks to introduce the LabelLink application to the world.” Visit Dave Crist's blog.

– Dave Crist, President, Brother Mobile Solutions
What if you could print cable and ID labels directly from data generated as part of your testing process?

Learn about all the features of LabelLink and how to use them to improve your specific jobsite workflow and cable management goals.

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