Brother’s tastiest innovation yet!

Treat your customers by printing on genuine Brother SWEET RECEIPTS. Our mouth-watering receipt paper is flavor-packed with fruity goodness and Vitamin C. All-natural Brother SWEET RECEIPTS are carefully packaged to maintain a shelf life that rivals Twinkies’.
*Cue the record-scratching sound.*
Happy April Fools' Day; we apologize if we’ve gotten your hopes up (or made you hungry). While we’re constantly innovating here at Brother, edible receipts aren’t quite on our radar…yet.
For all your legitimate label and receipt printing needs, get your hands on an actual Brother mobile printer…for free (no foolin’).
Happy April Fools Day!
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The fine print: April 1 is a date commonly known as “April Fools’ Day,” one of the year’s best holidays because you don’t have to cook special food, invite the in-laws over, or buy presents for anyone. Also awesome because people play jokes. This product falls into that category: funny, not real. The end.