The key to reduced OSHA violations and successful lockout/tagout

Lockout/tagout is a vital procedure in maintaining workplace safety and ensuring OSHA compliance. Yet in 2017, violations for lockout/tagout ranked at number five in OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations. The consequences for such violations can be severe – from penalties and fines to damaged reputations, plant shutdowns, and even worker fatalities. With the right labeling tools, industrial businesses can build personalized lockout/tagout programs that help ensure OSHA compliance and streamline operations.

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[CASE STUDY] Improving Lockout/Tagout Procedures and Helping to Ensure OSHA Compliance with On-demand Photo ID Labeling

Download this free case study to learn how PT-P900 Series and PT-E800W label printers from Brother enable businesses to create personalized photo ID lockout tags. See why these on-demand labeling solutions help businesses:

  • Reduce cost when compared to pre-printed photo ID locks and tags
  • Save time with direct, wireless printing from a PC or mobile device
  • Provide the quality needed to withstand industrial environments
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