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Leading Texas Ice Cream Distributor Satisfies Market Demand and Impresses Retail Operators with Easy DSD Solution

See how the right combination of DSD software, rugged mobile printers, and smart iOS devices paves the route for speedy and efficient delivery of frozen sweets. Get this free case study to get irresistible insights on how distributors like you can:

  • Build simple but significant efficiencies into your delivery process
  • Eliminate time-consuming, revenue-stealing trips back to the warehouse
  • Provide accurate proof of delivery and pricing to keep orders flowing
  • Make the move away from dated technologies

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Maximize road time and ROI with automated route technologies

From the demise of Windows Mobile to often unpredictable surges in demand, there is no shortage of challenges and opportunities for today’s food distributors. Learn from industry leaders so you can implement the right mix of efficiency-boosting (and cost-saving) technologies. Then enjoy the route to faster deliveries and increased revenues.

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